Australian Grand Prix Albert Park, Melbourne March 13-15, 2015

Total laps 58
Lap distance 5.303 km

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Free practice 1  March 13 - 12:30 local | 01:30 GMT
Free practice 2  March 13 - 16:30 local | 05:30 GMT
Free practice 3  March 14 - 14:00 local | 03:00 GMT

Qualifying  March 14 - 17:00 local | 06:00 GMT
Race  March 15 - 16:00 local | 05:00 GMT

  Pos Driver Team Laps Pits
1 Hamilton FL GBR Mercedes 58 1
2 Rosberg GER Mercedes 58 1
3 Vettel GER Ferrari 58 1
4 Massa BRA Williams 58 1
5 Nasr BRA Alfa Romeo 58 1
6 Ricciardo AUS 57 1
7 Hülkenberg GER Racing Point 57 2
8 Ericsson SWE Alfa Romeo 57 3
9 Sainz ESP Toro Rosso 57 1
10 Perez MEX Racing Point 57 1
11 Button GBR McLaren 56 1
tyre Räikkönen FIN Ferrari 40 2
engine Verstappen NED Toro Rosso 32 1
engine Grosjean FRA Lotus F1 1 1
accident Maldonado VEN Lotus F1 0 0
gearbox Kvyat RUS 0 0
engine Magnussen DEN McLaren 0 0
Not started
withdrew Bottas FIN Williams 0
Stevens GBR Manor 0
Merhi ESP Manor 0

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Vettel laps up the attention of Ferrari's mechanics in parc ferme after that podium.

Rosberg looks a little bemused - he must be thinking "Not again". He still has a big gap to cut to Hamilton on Sundays and the world champion looks like he's found another level.

It's none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger conducting the interviews. This is a bit surreal.

Schwarzenegger and Hamilton share an "I'll be back" before the end of the interview segment and that seems like a good place to round off our live coverage. Reaction to follow on ESPN so please do stay with us today and please join us again for Malaysia in two weeks!

Hamilton pumps his fists as he walks out on the podium for the national anthems. This is Ferrari's first podium since Hungary last year, by the way.

Lap 58

Hamilton begins the final lap with 1.8s in his pocket. He's got Nasr up ahead to lap but it will take something monumental to prevent him winning now.

Hamilton kicks off his title defence in perfect style with a rather routine win. Rosberg second. Vettel kicks off his Ferrari career with a podium! Good drive from the German but the team will be kicking itself Raikkonen was not there as well.

Nasr, the driver of the day, finishes fifth.

Dave says: "I've been watching F1 for 40 years: I've seen much worse attrition, and much more boring races. Suck it up and look at the history!"

"Regazzi, Forza Ferrari!" says Vettel to his pit wall. Shame we never got to see a fight between the pair of them.

Lap 57

Massa is losing sight of Vettel out in front. Button is still on for a finish - crucially, it will be his first race distance.

Hamilton has started his penultimate lap.

Lap 56

The gap is two seconds out in front.

Lap 55

Ericsson has a big wobble coming through the final corner. He needs to be careful not to put this thing in the wall as he's on for his first points finish. That probably cost him a run on Sainz but he'll have to do it all again.

Pavan says: "Been watching F1 since 14 yrs.This has been the most boring and revolting and repulsive Grand prix I've ever watched."

Ericsson dives down the inside of Turn 11. I wonder what Giedo van der Garde is thinking right now?

"Well done buddy, push!" comes the call from Ericsson's pit wall.

Lap 54

Ericsson now right behind Sainz's Toro Rosso. This could be the only significant battle we get in these closing laps.

Devasish says: "This is f1???? No for sure...."

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