• Radio Ga Ga - Austrian Grand Prix

'Okay Lewis, it's hammer time'

Nate Saunders June 24, 2014

The hills were alive with the sound of engines at the Red Bull Ring this weekend, but there were also some interesting radio messages floating around in Austria. ESPN rounds up the best of them

Lewis Hamilton and race engineer Peter Bonnington chat on the grid © Sutton Images

We've done it again guys! We had the same issues two weeks ago."
Jenson Button's gets an early sense of deja vu during his first lap of Friday practice.

"Are you sure there is nothing wrong with the car? It doesn't feel right.
Romain Grosjean struggles to believe the Lotus E22 is as bad as it feels.

"Remember, think about breathing between Turn 5 and 6."
Amusing as it would be to think drivers receive respiratory advice from the pit wall, Daniel Ricciardo is told to lift throttle through a certain section of the track in Friday practice.

"Wahoo! Yes! Great job guys, great job!"
For the first time in over five years Felipe Massa remembers what it feels like to claim pole position.

"I lost drive! I lost drive! Tell me what to do please."
Sebastian Vettel manages to keep his cool as his bad luck returns on lap two of the race.

"Just let me know do you want me to let him past or not?"
After being told team-mate Sergio Perez is faster and on a different strategy, Nico Hulkenberg lets Force India know for future reference that euphemism is completely lost on him.

"Okay Lewis, it's hammer time."
Peter Bonnington delivers the line of the weekend to Hamilton as he lets him know he is free to challenge Nico Rosberg in front.

© Getty Images

"We are racing Button, we need two tenths per lap."
"Give me more power then!"

Kimi Raikkonen gives his new radio man David Lloyd the same treatment as his previous incumbents.

"Who am I racing against here? What do I have to do?"
"You are racing Lewis to the end."

Rosberg demonstrates how focused he is on his own race after emerging from his second pit stop ahead of Hamilton.

"P3 Valtteri, great job, mega job. Unbelievable drive!"
"Yes! Thank you guys! This means so much to me."

At least we get emotion from one Finn on the grid. Valtteri Bottas celebrates crossing the line third in Austria as he secures his maiden career podium.