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Ecclestone now eyeing end of season date for Bahrain

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The Bahrain Grand Prix could fit in between Abu Dhabi and Brazil, according to Bernie Ecclestone © Sutton Images

Bernie Ecclestone has said there is no chance of rescheduling the Bahrain Grand Prix for this season's summer break and is now aiming for a date at the end of the year.

In an interview with BBC Sport he said a decision would be finalised at the FIA World Motor Sport Council on Tuesday, which could involve the Brazilian Grand Prix, scheduled for November 27, being moved back a week.

"I'm hoping beyond hope things settle peacefully and we find a slot later in the year," he said. "If there is peace in Bahrain then we will be there, we will find a way.

"We'll have a look at what we can do with the date, maybe we can swap things round a bit with Brazil or something."

Earlier this week Ecclestone said the teams would support a race in the summer, but has now abandoned that plan, saying: "August? Forget it. Too hot. Too hot for the audience to sit in the grandstands, it's 40-odd degrees."

And he again stood by Bahrain's initial decision to cancel the race, which would have taken place next weekend.

"I'm hoping upon hope that things settle peacefully in Bahrain and we can try and find a slot later in the year," he added. "I was nothing to do with the country. The person that runs the country was the right person to decide whether or not it was the right decision, and that's what he thought, that he'd made the right decision - and I'm sure he has.

"Whether if we were there it would have given the opportunity for more unrest or not, I don't know. But I'd hate, had it happened, that we were the cause so people could suddenly get a lot more publicity by sabotaging Formula One."

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