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Ecclestone writes to FIA to officially remove Bahrain

ESPNF1 Staff
June 10, 2011 « No winners in Bahrain debacle - Whitmarsh | »

Bernie Ecclestone has confirmed he has written to the FIA to reinstate the Indian Grand Prix on October 30 and officially remove the Bahrain Grand Prix from the calendar.

FIA president Jean Todt recently said that it is Formula One Management's responsibility to propose changes to the calendar, and in the Montreal paddock on Friday Ecclestone said the ball was already rolling to return the calendar to its original layout.

"We will put out a request to the World Motor Sport Council in the next few days," he was quoted by Autosport. "I sent something this morning, so it will be quick."

The decision by the World Motor Sport Council to reinstate the race led to a week of controversy during which Ecclestone made a very public u-turn. But the F1 CEO could not see a problem with the way the situation was handled.

"What was negative?" he said. "I don't know about that. I haven't read anything. I don't read the newspapers, to be honest. The truth of the matter is that we put the calendar together, and the teams race on the calendar. The only thing there was that we were trying to help Bahrain, who have been helpful to F1, and we were trying to stay there as long as we could.

"I hoped we could get it sorted. I don't know if there is peace there or not - the FIA sent someone out to check and they said it would be all okay, but the teams had different information. They have the right to say they don't want to change the calendar."

When asked if he was responsible for the events of the last week, Ecclestone said: "Absolutely. 100%. Of trying to help Bahrain? Yes, that is for sure. I was hoping everything would be fine."