• Manny Pacquiao v Timothy Bradley

Pacquiao v Bradley result under review

ESPN staff
June 14, 2012

Many Pacquiao's controversial defeat at the hands of Timothy Bradley will be reviewed by the WBO's championship committee, after the sanctioning body confirmed its intention to look into the fight.

Bradley secured a contentious split decision over Pacquiao in their WBO welterweight title clash in Las Vegas on Saturday, laying the way for the Filipino's promoter Bob Arum to call for an investigation into the result.

That wish has been granted with WBO president Francisco 'Paco' Valcarcel confirming in a statement that a full video review of the fight with five "recognised international judges" would take place and a recommendation then made.

Valcarcel was also clear that the integrity or ability of the three scoring judges on the night had not been doubted.

Arum, who was most vocal in the aftermath of the bout, said: "The public saw the fight and they're outraged, and we need clarity here. We need those responsible to investigate, to see what happened, how the judges could be so off.

"We need to get clarity. The public is demanding it."

He added of the scoring: "It puts boxing in a very horrible light. I'm looking for the sport to do damage control, and the only way it does damage control is if you do a full and complete investigation."

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