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Haye would bet the lot on Velasquez beating Fury

ESPN staff
January 28, 2013
Junior dos Santos can testify to the power of Cain Velasquez © Getty Images

Former heavyweight world champion David Haye is convinced Tyson Fury would come off second best if he had a cross-code fight with UFC champion Cain Velasquez.

Fury is climbing the heavyweight boxing ladder and is making positive noises about fighting for a world title this year. He is, though, as well known for his controversial views as his boxing abilities.

He has become embroiled in a war of words with British rival David Price, while he recently turned his sights on Velasquez who he described as a 'midget' who he would 'smash'.

Velasquez reacted by suggesting Fury was using his name in order to gain publicity.

Haye believes the time has come for Fury to stop talking and start fighting, but did suggest that it would be a mistake to take on Velasquez.

"Maybe he's better at mixed martial arts than boxing, I don't know," Haye said of Fury in an interview with the Manchester Evening News. "But if I was a betting man, I'd bet everything I have that he'd lose."

Haye feels Fury has not yet earned the right to run his mouth off. He said: "I've gone right through the bone when it comes to the things I've said. It makes me laugh, but it makes some people cringe. I was a world champion. Not only champion but WBC, WBA, WBO and Ring cruiserweight champion. That's when I called people out. I knocked out all of my opponents and believed I had the right to call people out. I was world champion.

"Tyson Fury is the Irish champion - if he feels he can call out world champions and the UFC champion then good luck, if that's how he wants to do it. He says he wants to beat the UFC champion - everyone knows it won't happen and he couldn't do it, but it's quite funny.

"Whenever people ask me about Tyson Fury it's always about something he's said - not that he's knocked this guy out. It's what he says outside the ring.

"It can't do him any harm. I'm not sure what his ticket sales are like, but he's getting media interest. That's a good thing to build the Tyson Fury brand."

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