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Groves: I'll beat insecure Froch

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November 12, 2013
George Groves: Froch is a terrible trash talker

George Groves believes he is already winning the battle of minds ahead of his upcoming all-British world title fight with Carl Froch, indicating 'The Cobra' suffers from "vulnerability".

Groves and Froch go toe-to-toe at the Manchester Arena on November 23 with the Nottingham fighter's WBA and IBF super-middleweight belts up for grabs.

Despite the build-up to the fight becoming increasingly tense, Groves is adamant he has been nothing but honest when facing Froch - something he believes has rattled the champion.

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"I've never not liked anyone in boxing to be honest," Groves told Buncey's Boxing Podcast. "I try to get emotionally detached from them because you don't particularly want to like someone if you've got to share a ring with them and you don't want to hate someone if you share a ring with someone either.

"It's just business. You get there, if you can say a few things that either wind the guy up or put him off his game plan or whatever else then so be it.

"This time round I've gone in every time I've been in the same vicinity of Carl Froch. I've told him the truth, the fact that first of all, I showed up and I looked like I thought I was going to win, which I do.

"That seemed to alienate him no end. Later on he said that I haven't spoken about him in a positive light enough, that I haven't talked about his achievements enough.

"All of which I found very strange, that he seeks reassurance and a sort of a 'pat on the back' from a guy he's fighting, which is really sort of strange to me. Later on I told him a few things, I'm picking up on his insecurities, I'm picking up on his vulnerabilities. That's a bad thing for him because if that is the case he's going to pay the dividends for it on fight night."

The pair has endured a testing relationship since Groves decided to spar with Mikkel Kessler before the Dane's rematch with Froch last May.

It was a decision that did not sit lightly with the Nottingham fighter - he deemed it to be 'un-patriotic' - but Groves is adamant there was no tactical motive behind it.

"I think they [Froch's camp] anticipated that I'd fight Froch down the line and I was boxing on the undercard as well," Groves said. "As I say, because he's got this vulnerability he's always talking about seeking respect - and respect is given if it's deserved.

"But you shouldn't have a need for people to talk you up and put you at the front of the queue. He wanted to paint me in a bad light ahead of that fight, calling me un-patriotic and there are people out there who will not understand the situation and think 'yeah, he's being un-patriotic' and try to turn people against me.

"Since then he keeps banging on about respect but I don't know what respect fighters usually show each other that I'm not showing Carl Froch. The fact that I say I can beat him seems to be the biggest disrespect he can come up with.

"And apart from that I don't really know how he can justify the claims he makes. They'll make a big song and dance about me sparring with Mikkel Kessler, but the case of the matter is I had a fight coming up and I needed some good sparring.

"Carl Froch didn't offer me any so I got offers from Mikkel Kessler and I took it up. There was no agenda there as you can tell through Carl Froch winning I've ended up in a bigger fight so why would I want Carl beat?"

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