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Armstrong lawyer champions lie detector test

ESPN staff
October 15, 2012

Lance Armstrong's lawyer, Tim Herman, claims the disgraced cyclist would be willing to a take a lie detector test over the doping allegations that have seen him stripped of his seven Tour de France titles.

Armstrong maintains his innocence despite the recent report issued by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), which claimed the American led a "sophisticated" doping programme that was to be followed by fellow team-mates.

USADA's findings were based on the testimonies of 11 of Armstrong's former team-mates, but Herman insists there are hundreds of others who would testify to the contrary. In Herman's eyes a lie detector test would absolve Armstrong of any wrongdoing, but he claims the public would not believe the results in such a scenario.

"A lie detector test, properly administered, I'm a proponent of that frankly, just personally," Herman was quoted as saying to Radio 5 Live by the Daily Telegraph.

"I wouldn't challenge the results of a lie detector test with good equipment, properly administered by a qualified technician. That's a pretty simple answer.

"We might do that, you never know. I don't know if we would or we wouldn't. We might."

Herman continued: "I can tell you that many witnesses had contradictory stories to tell and Lance had incidentally over 600 fellow riders, team members, trainers, that sort of thing, in his career racing in Europe. Of those, I think 11 came forward, but many others would and have refuted many of the allegations.

"Why would [the witnesses] wait until now [to come forward]? Here's the answer. It's because for the most part they've been given sweetheart deals. They are supposed to be suspended for four years, they're not. They're suspended for six months commencing in September so they don't miss a single race."

Armstrong announced in August he would not fight the doping charges filed against him by USADA, saying in a statement he was "finished with this nonsense". The 41-year-old is yet to offer a further official statement since the latest findings were released.

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