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Tevez backed by PFA over fine appeal

Harry Harris
October 27, 2011

The Professional Footballers Association is refusing to sanction the punishment of a four-week fine, totaling around £1 million, imposed on Carlos Tevez by Manchester City.

Without the union's sanction the punishment cannot be implemented. A two-week fine is the maximum which can be imposed without a club seeking permission from the PFA. It throws City's punishment for Tevez up in the air.

PFA chief Gordon Taylor has issued a statement that insists that Tevez has been cleared of the accusation that he refused to play for Manchester City, and as such should not incur an additional two-week fine.

It comes after the adverse publicity generated against Tevez when the club announced that he had been found guilty of five breaches of contract, implying that he had refused to play.

The PFA statement reads: "Gordon Taylor attended the hearing with Carlos Tevez on 21 October and was privy to all the evidence presented to the hearing and Carlos' response. The PFA's opinion, based on all the evidence presented, is that Carlos Tevez never refused to play for the club.

"This is accepted by the club in that the charge against Carlos made at the hearing was not one of refusing to play. As such the PFA considers that there is no justification for a fine other than up to the prescribed sanction of two weeks' wages agreed by the FA, the Premier League and PFA.

"The PFA has informed the Manchester City Football Club accordingly and Carlos will continue to be supported by the PFA in this regard."

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