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Khan tells Fury: Shut up!

ESPN staff
April 18, 2013
Amir Khan believes Tyson Fury should be quiet until he wins a world title © Getty Images

Amir Khan has told fellow British boxer Tyson Fury to keep his mouth shut until he has actually achieved something in the sport.

Heavyweight Fury has been vocal in some of his claims since emerging as a world title contender, stating that he is the man to reinvigorate the stale division and finally overthrow the Klitschko brothers - while also regularly dismissing the talents of his rivals.

But Khan, who is slowly rebuilding his career after two defeats in his last three fights, has advised Fury to keep his comments to himself until he has a world title in his hands - or risk alienating himself from the boxing public.

"Fury hasn't proved anything or won anything big yet," the light-welterweight said. "If I was him I would stay quiet and let the public build you up by putting on good performances while showing off his skills.

"If he is in America early in his career and talking big like he is a world champion already or the best pound-for-pound people are going to hate on him and that could be a bad thing."

Khan believes boxing history demonstrates that only those who reach the pinnacle of their sports can get away with trash talking, but Fury is still far from that level.

Khan added: "[Floyd] Mayweather has a way of going crazy and Zab Judah is the same and so was Muhammad Ali.

"Me? I had that little scuffle with Paul Malignaggi a while back in New York but apart from that I've been quiet.

"I think Tyson is a great fighter, he's got up off the canvas when he's been down, excites the crown and can punch hard. But I've fought in America a number of times now and believe for him to go there and hype himself up could be a bad thing.

"People will respect him more if he wins the fight with a good performance instead of talking big."

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