European GP2 round Valencia Street Circuit, Valencia June 25-27, 2010

Total laps 32
Lap distance 5.419 km
Track Conditions Dry / Track temp 32C

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Free practice  June 25 - 11:55 local | 09:55 GMT | 10:55 BST

Qualifying  June 25 - 15:55 local | 13:55 GMT | 14:55 BST
Race 1  June 26 - 15:40 local | 13:40 GMT | 14:40 BST
Race 2  June 27 - 10:35 local | 08:35 GMT | 09:35 BST

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Di Grassi is now out and is going to put in the first flying lap of today. The car still looks like a bit of a dog. He can't hook up apices and is locking his brakes into the big stops.


Still no action on the track, surely they can't all be happy with their set-ups? Later on we will see some soft tyre runs and that will give the best indication yet of who will be on pole.


Track temperature is creeping up, by the time qualifying starts this afternoon it should be up to above 40C.


The fans are out in force this morning, which is good to see after smaller crowds last year.


Meanwhile, Alonso is walking down the pit lane to the FIA's weighbridge, not sure what that is about. Maybe he's just popping to the restroom.


The engine cover has been taken off the back of Massa's Ferrari and he has gone to the back of his garage. So there are still a few tweaks to be made on that car before Massa puts in his first flying lap of the day.


Hamilton is now out on track completing his installation lap. All the drivers do one lap just to check everything is working properly at the start of the day.


All the drivers bar Hamilton have done an installation lap.


Glock is going very slowly out on track, it looks as though he has a gearbox problem. And he will probably just coast back to the pits. he had a gearbox problem yesterday so that will be very frustrating for him.


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