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Renault must maintain V8 standards

ESPN Staff
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Renault wants to ensure it doesn't neglect its V8 RS27 engine this season before the switch to the V6 in 2014 © Renault

Renault Sport's deputy managing director Rob White says the engine manufacturer needs to maintain its standards with the current V8 engines in order to facilitate work on next year's V6's.

Describing the 2014 engine regulations as "the biggest change to hit the engine world in over ten years, perhaps ever", White said that Renault will need to ensure there are no unforeseen issues with this year's V8s in order to allow it to focus resources on next year's engines as required.

"The V8 development is limited to preparing the individual GPs we go to and our housekeeping needs to be correct to guarantee the quality is there," White said. "Inevitably this is the year that the design and development of the new V6 engines will overtake the resources dedicated to the V8, so we need to ensure a turnkey service right until the Brazilian Grand Prix.

"The new V6s are the biggest change to hit the engine world in over ten years, perhaps ever, so we need piece of mind that everything is functioning seamlessly this season trackside."

Head of track operations, Remi Taffin, said he expects teams to continue pushing for maximum impact from the Coanda effect exhausts this season.

"We will see the Coanda effect again this season, although with a year of development under our belts the gains will become smaller," Taffin said. "There are a few remaining tweaks we can introduce on engine mapping that will improve fuel consumption even further, but with this being the end of the V8 era we will try to make the engine as neutral as possible."