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Porsche ruled out F1 due to lack of road car relevance

ESPN Staff
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Porsche entered 32 grands prix from 1957 to 1964 but has opted against a return © Sutton Images
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Porsche ruled out a recent entry in to Formula One because there is not enough relevance to its road car division.

Ahead of an entry in to LMP1 sportscars next year, Porsche's head of research and development Wolfgang Hatz admitted that a move in to Formula One was seriously considered. However, speaking to Autocar Hatz said the final decision not to submit an entry was a simple one because there is not enough crossover between Formula One and its road car development.

"We are a sportscar company," Hatz said at the Shanghai motor show. "Porsche has always lived for the transfer of racing to production cars. For that reason it was clear two or three years ago that we had to be back in high-level motorsport, and it was a choice between top-flight sportscars or Formula One.

"But the final decision was the only logical one. F1 was an alternative, but the road relevance is not there. Also, there is a lot of publicity around politics and tyres, but not so much about the engines and chassis.

"The aero, too, is incredible, but so extreme that it cannot result in any development in our road car understanding."