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Changes to the tyres would be unfair - Lotus

ESPN Staff
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Eric Boullier: "If our car can do it [three pit stops], it is because we did something to allow our car to do it" © Sutton Images

Lotus team principal Eric Boullier says there is nothing wrong with the current Pirelli tyres and it would be unfair to start making changes to the compounds midway through the season.

Lotus' Kimi Raikkonen is second in the drivers' championship after enjoying success at the opening races in a car that is not as fast as its rivals but is easier on its tyres. At the Spanish Grand Prix he finished second after making one less pit stop than the other cars in the top five positions and it was a similar story when he won the opening round of the season in Australia.

However, pressure is growing on Pirelli to tweak its tyres amid complaints from the likes of Red Bull and the Italian tyre manufacturer is weighing up possible changes at the British Grand Prix.

"In some ways it's not fair, but we have to deal with it," Boullier said. "Everybody has the same tyres.

"The question is not the tyres. If our car can do it [three pit stops], it is because we did something to allow our car to do it."

He pointed out that the hard compound was already tweaked ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix to satisfy Lotus' rivals.

"It's the same tyres for everybody. There was some slight change here that was supposed to please the complaining teams. I don't think Pirelli is going to change anything. They were asked to bring tyres that last 20 laps and they did it."