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F1 no longer about racing - Mateschitz

ESPN Staff
May 13, 2013 « Changes to the tyres would be unfair - Lotus | Perez's radio message was not a team order - Whitmarsh »
Dietrich Mateschitz: "This is a competition in tyre management" © Getty Images

Red Bull co-owner Dietrich Mateschitz has weighed into the debate on tyres in Formula One, arguing that the sport is no longer about racing.

Red Bull has been critical of the 2013-generation tyres since the start of the season, claiming its drivers are unable to push the car to the limit without destroying its tyres.

At the Spanish Grand Prix Sebastian Vettel finished fourth, saying his car was quick enough to compete with those ahead but that it does "something to the tyres that makes the tyres wear more." Mateschitz believes that limitation means Formula One is no longer about racing.

"Everyone knows what happens here", he told Autosport. "This has nothing to do with racing anymore. This is a competition in tyre management. Real car racing looks different. Under the given circumstances, we can neither get the best out of our car nor our drivers.

"There is no more real qualifying and fighting for the pole, as everyone is just saving tyres for the race. If we would make the best of our car we would have to stop eight or ten times during a race, depending on the track."

McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh said the situation was "on the cusp" but that the teams should not be too critical of Pirelli.

"Pirelli know we're right on the cusp of being too delicate," he said. "Some people would say it's part of the show, and I don't want to criticise because it's very easy to do so, but we have to be a bit careful. There will be some teams that are slightly more miffed than we are and it's tough.

"You can't always get it right and we have to give credit to Pirelli that there have been some races that have been enhanced by the tyre challenge, but also some races that have been degraded by the tyre challenge."