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Pirelli envisages more private tests

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June 1, 2013 « Pirelli explains Mercedes choice | FIA investigating Ferrari as well as Mercedes over tests »
Pirelli needs to continue to develop its 2014 tyres © Getty Images

Pirelli expects to complete more tests similar to the one it took part in with Mercedes after the Spanish Grand Prix before the end of 2013.

The test caused controversy among rival teams as Mercedes took part in a 2013 car, which rivals Red Bull and Ferrari deem to be a breach of the Sporting Regulations. However, Pirelli motorsport boss Paul Hembery says his company has been in talks with a number of teams and needs to do more tests as it continues to develop its 2014 tyres.

"We envisage having other tests during the year looking at 2014, and we certainly will be hoping to have other tests with teams who are willing to perform in those," he said. "We were already in discussion with a number of teams and maybe some others will become available as we move forward because the change in 2014 is very dramatic. We saw some initial data from some teams and it was very clear to us that we would have to make very dramatic changes, hence the need to start testing new concepts and new developments."

Hembery said it would not make sense to invite all 11 teams as Pirelli is limited to 1000km per test by its agreement with the FIA.

"In times of cost reduction, inviting all the teams to test 15-20 specifications on the same day would frankly be a big waste of money. The technical benefit to ourselves would be practically zero because it's not like we would have 11 times the results. It's more important to test with all the teams when you get to the point of having a defined specification and they have a defined car, and then, as we've always done, we provide the data of the tyre, the modelling information, the characteristics of the tyre - that's held on a server so it's provided instantly to them and they have it all at the same time.

"When you get the tyres out on the circuit, that's when you need them altogether, not when you are doing conceptual research work, because quite frankly it's a waste of money and a waste of kilometres. If you've only got 1000km, which the current rules state we have, you'd use all your kilometres up and you would not be able to continue the work you would like to do."

Hembery confirmed another 1000km test had taken place, although it is believed to be with Ferrari in a 2011 car, which would not be outside the Sporting Regulations.

"Yes, we have done with another test, it was another 1000kms," she said. "[The details] remain confidential, but the FIA were informed as they were with the Mercedes test."

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