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Mercedes tyre issues not cured - Hamilton

ESPN Staff
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Lewis Hamilton finished third in Canada © Sutton Images
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Lewis Hamilton does not think Mercedes has cured its tyre degradation issues despite a win and a podium at the last two races.

Hamilton started Sunday's race in Canada in second and dropped a single position by the finish, which was a marked improvement on his performance two races ago in Spain when he started on the front row and dropped to 12th. Rear tyre degradation has been a major issue for the team, but Hamilton does not think Nico Rosberg's victory in Monaco and his podium in Canada means Mercedes has found a cure.

"I think it's just been a work in progress," he said. "We haven't really... we haven't cured anything, it's not been a long period of time since Barcelona where there was big trouble. I guess we've just been to two tracks where it's not got high speed corners, so therefore it's not really been a problem. We've worked on a couple of techniques to look after the tyres a bit more, brake cooling and all that kind of stuff has been added as well, which helps."

Hamilton has also been struggling with his car under braking this year, but despite finishing on the podium at one of the circuits with the heaviest braking zones on the calendar, he is not feeling any better about the issue.

"Generally, again, very similar to other races," he said. "We still need to improve and that's where Fernando [Alonso] was really catching me everywhere."