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Pirelli did nothing wrong - Ecclestone

ESPN Staff
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Bernie Ecclestone says any blame for the test lies with Mercedes © Sutton Images
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Bernie Ecclestone has backed Pirelli ahead of the International Tribunal for its tyre test with Mercedes.

Both Pirelli and Mercedes have been called to face the FIA's tribunal for a possible breach of regulations after Mercedes' 2013 car was used for the test. However, Ecclestone feels Pirelli has no case to answer and says if there is any blame to be apportioned for the test it should fall solely with Mercedes.

"Wait until the tribunal, they've got all the facts," Ecclestone told Adam Cooper's F1 Blog. "If you offer me stolen goods, it's up to me to decide whether I want to accept them or not. It's not up to anyone to tell me what I should do. I should know what I should do.

"Pirelli were doing the right thing, obviously. They couldn't get out of a tyre problem, if there had been proper testing, which there should be, they wouldn't be in this problem. It's only because there's no proper testing that they're in this problem. As people have been complaining, the obvious thing to do was to get out of it by testing. And they asked."

When asked if he felt Pirelli had done anything wrong, Ecclestone replied: "Not at all."