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FIA opens applications for 13th team

ESPNF1 Staff
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The FIA have opened the application process for a 13th F1 team © Sutton Images

The FIA has opened the selection process for a 13th team to join Formula One in 2011.

US F1 was supposed to fill the space on the grid this season but its plans fell apart in the months leading up to the first race. Although it has expressed its intention to be ready for the 2011 season, few believe this to be a realistic scenario.

The FIA has now invited potential replacements to put forward a proposal outlining their ability to compete. The governing body will also select reserve candidates, in case of further drop outs, as long as they can prove they are capable of participating in the championship for 2011 and 2012. "The overall long-term interests of the championship will determine which candidates are selected," it said.

Hopeful applicants have to express an interest by April 15 and put forward a €1,000 administration fee, although late applicants may be considered at the FIA's discretion. Importantly, all candidates will have to "undergo thorough due diligence", which will focus on: the technical ability and resources of the team; the ability of the team to raise and maintain sufficient funding to allow participation; the team's experience and human resources; the FIA's assessment of the value that the candidate may bring to the championship as a whole.

Successful candidates are expected to be revealed by July this year.