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Mercedes just starting to realise Hamilton's potential

ESPN Staff
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Ross Brawn: "It's taken a little while but I see some great signs" © Getty Images

Mercedes team principal Ross Brawn thinks there is more to come from Lewis Hamilton this year as he settles into his new team.

Hamilton joined Mercedes at the start of the season after six years at McLaren, and at the Hungarian Grand Prix last weekend scored his first win with his new team. Brawn believes his driver is just starting to get the most from his team and has a huge amount of potential left to realise.

"It's taken a little while but I see some great signs, particularly at the last few races," Brawn said. "Another thing is to pick up momentum and start to move in the right direction. We honestly don't know where the limit is, we are on a journey with Lewis, and we don't know where the limits are."

Brawn said both the team and driver had to work to make the relationship gel.

"I think when a driver of Lewis' calibre joins the team there is massive expectation. But every driver takes a little while to settle in and understand all the nuances of the team, how to work with the engineers and how to press the right button within the team. He needs to understand how the team functions and we need to understand how he functions - we need to understand the level of messages he gives us and how important it is. All drivers and all people are different."