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Renault deserves more recognition - Prost

ESPN Staff
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Alain Prost: "Renault deserve more than what they have" © Sutton Images

Alain Prost believes Renault Sport deserves more credit for the role it has played in Red Bull's success in recent years, but speaking as the engine manufacturer's international ambassador, he said it was unlikely to happen.

Renault Sport has powered Red Bull to all of its 41 race victories and three drivers' and constructors' titles, but has seen its branding reduced on the cars in recent years. Infiniti, a car manufacturer owned by the Renault-Nissan Alliance, has upped its branding on the car as part of a title-sponsorship deal announced at the end of last season.

Prost, who joined Renault Sport as an ambassador last year, thinks the French engine manufacturer's role in Red Bull's success has been overlooked.

"I really think myself that Renault deserve more than what they have," he said. "That should be the 12th constructors' championship and the 11th drivers' [title they have won], they have lost a little bit of visibility. But that was a strategy from the company. The most important thing is to win and they are going to win again. Maybe they will have a different vision and strategy for the future but at the moment they keep going on that."

Renault Sport is among three manufacturers entering into the new turbo era next year before Honda joins in 2015. Prost said it is important for Renault Sport to get publicity next year in return for its investment.

"What is important, especially with the new engine coming, is that the Renault image and brand is even more well known as one of the principal actors in Formula One, especially with the new technology. But at the end the most important is to have a winning engine too."