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Red Bull in active suspension denial

ESPNF1 Staff
April 5, 2010 « Lotus taking positives | »
Red Bull has denied running a form of active suspension © Sutton Images

Red Bull Racing has denied allegations that it is running an illegal form of active suspension and is prepared to protest any rival that tries to use such a system this season.

The dominant qualifying pace of the RB6 car over the first three grands prix of the season has led to rumours that the Adrian Newey designed machine is using a damper system to lower the car for its qualifying laps.

But the team has moved quickly to deny using such a device after the FIA gave the car the all-clear following detailed scrutineering at Sepang after Saturday's qualifying session in Malaysia.

"We haven't got one, it is as simple as that," said team boss Christian Horner. "If McLaren have one in China we will protest them, because theoretically they are illegal. The FIA had a good look at our car [in Malaysia] on Saturday night and they are happy with it - they will struggle to find anything because there simply isn't anything there."

In light of several allegations concerning the legality of clever technical aids by teams this season, the FIA is understood to be considering allowing a single change to ride heights between Saturday and Sunday to put an end expensive spending and continued bickering between teams in the paddock.

But such a move would need unanimous support among the teams as it would require a complete change in the technical regulations.

"I would support it, as it would probably save us a bit of money," added Horner.