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Pirelli boss unhappy with Red Bull criticism

ESPN Staff
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Paul Hembery and Christian Horner chat in the paddock © Sutton Images
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Pirelli's motorsport boss Paul Hembery has told Autosport that his company was upset by criticism levelled at it by Red Bull during the last season.

Hembery believed it weakened Pirelli's position and said it was unfortunate, especially during such a campaign Red Bull were so dominant in.

"That was clearly disappointing because everybody has the same challenge, and that is one thing that was true," Hembery said. "That then opened up what then became a battle between different teams of what we were allowed to do and what we weren't allowed to do, and we got caught up in that battle between teams.

"That was very disappointing as they had clearly dominated and won the championship so convincingly … [it] was really the opening up of a lot of comment and debate that really shouldn't happen.

"We are a partner and competitor, we always said if all the teams, or the sport itself, tells us to make a change we will do it, but being put under media pressure was very disappointing."

Hembery stressed that those critical of Pirelli should remember that the company was only doing what it had been asked to do by F1 teams and bosses. "Maybe sometimes we have been thinking that people have lost the reason of why we are doing certain things. If the sport does not protect you from it when you are asked to do something then you have to do it yourself."