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Irvine 'fought off shark with spear'

ESPN Staff
January 30, 2014
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Eddie Irvine cheated death by fighting off a shark with a spear while taking a swim near his Caribbean home, according to a report in The Sun.

Irvine reportedly went for a night time dive in the Bahamas when the attack took place, but the 48-year-old managed to drive the shark away. The former Ferrari, Jordan and Jaguar driver is believed to have been unhurt in the incident.

"I turned to face it - not easy to do - and hit it with my spear. It turned away but came back as I reversed out of his territory," The Sun quotes Irvine as saying on social media.

"It was dusk - so I guess I deserved it a bit."

The shark attack rounds off a month which has already seen him sentenced to six months in jail for a brawl in a Milan nightclub.