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Modern F1 'a fake show' - Villeneuve

ESPN Staff
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Villeneuve has been out of the sport since 2006 © Sutton Images

Jacques Villeneuve has criticised the current state of Formula One, saying the modern sport has become "artificial" thanks to sponsors and rule changes.

The 1997 world champion - who is set to race in FIA World Rallycross in 2014 - is critical of the controversial double points plan, but also innovations such as DRS, which came in during the 2011 season. Villeneuve has been out of the sport since losing his BMW drive in 2006 and believes the sport has changed for the worse since then.

"I don't get modern Formula 1. They started going the artificial way to create a fake show," he told BBC Radio Five Live.

"Imposing DRS where you press a button to overtake someone else - once you start going down that route you cannot stop, you have to make more and more of it.

"So now we have double points for the last race. What's the next thing that will come? It becomes more and more artificial and instead of having a positive effect, you end up making it where people don't respect it anymore."

During his career, Villeneuve was known as an outspoken member of the paddock, but the Canadian believes the new PR age of F1 has made it impossible for similar figures to become prominent in the sport.

"It's a habit now to not have a personality any more in Formula 1," he added.

"You can imagine a driver that gets a lot of sponsor money being told 'don't say that please' and he will toe the line. So they are not fast, paid to race and highly uninteresting on top of it. It is tough for F1 right now."