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Double points for Abu Dhabi only

ESPN Staff
February 28, 2014 « FOTA confirms disbandment | Perez fastest as Red Bull shows improvement »
The double points system aims to make the title race more entertaining © Sutton Images
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The F1 Strategy Group has confirmed the controversial double points plan will only be implemented for the finale in Abu Dhabi, and not for the final three races of the season as had been proposed.

Bernie Ecclestone had put forward the idea to extend the points system to the US and Brazil, as well as the season finale. The strategy group comprises Ecclestone, FIA president Jean Todt, and six teams, though Ecclestone and Todt have as many votes as the teams combined. Votes need to be unanimous for proposals to pass.

The BBC reports the group rejected the proposals, though it was not discussing the prospect of scrapping the scoring system for the last race of the season. The double points plan has been largely unpopular in F1 circles and the thought of extending it further had been met with criticism from teams across the grid.

The group also ruled against amendments to the engine homologation after some teams supplied by Renault suggested amendments. After Friday's deadline, which was agreed upon as final, manufacturers must submit a reference engine which can only then be changed based on reliability, cost-saving or safety.