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Door open for two new F1 teams in 2015

ESPN Staff
April 6, 2014 « New F1 not acceptable for fans - Ecclestone | F1 needs to change to prevent decline - Montezemolo »
Gene Haas is behind one of the new teams for 2015 © Getty Images

Bernie Ecclestone and the FIA are happy to welcome two new teams to the Formula One grid next year if the outfits can put the money together.

Ecclestone said Gene Haas' application to set up a team has been accepted and that he has agreed with FIA president Jean Todt to allow another team on the grid too, believed to run by ex-HRT boss Colin Kolles.

"Yeah, they'll be accepted," Ecclestone said when asked about Haas' American outfit. "We've also accepted another team as well. Whether they'll make it or not is another story.

"We're happy to have another couple of teams. I've spoken to Jean Todt and we agreed yesterday if another two teams want to come in we'll let them in."

Ecclestone said the addition of two new teams did not necessarily mean one of the current ones would drop out. The official deadline for a decision on new teams passed in February as the FIA continued due diligence on the applications.