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Teams meet to discuss cost-cutting

ESPN Staff
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Jean Todt's hopes of a cost cap were vetoed by the teams in the Strategy Group © FIA

Formula One's teams are meeting in London on Thursday to discuss ways to stop rising costs following the Strategy Group's decision to vote against the cost cap.

Jean Todt and the FIA wanted to introduce a cost cap to ensure a more level playing field, but the teams in the Strategy Group - Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes, Lotus and Williams - did not believe the proposals were workable. The teams not in the Strategy Group are unhappy with the decision to abandon the cost cap and have reportedly written a letter to Todt ahead of the meeting.

Other issues on the agenda include a tyre blanket ban, as well as simplifications to the fuel system, brake duct and front wing. Ways to bring gearbox usage in line with engine life is also up for discussion. Glowing brake disks could also be a popular idea in an attempt to both cut costs and also improve the visual spectacle of F1 in a year which has seen the new V6 era come under heavy criticism.

There will also be serious consideration given to a return to active suspension and a change to 18-inch wheel rims, which would go hand-in-hand together, for 2017. Eighteen-inch rims may be an attempt to bring Michelin back into the sport, as it turned down the opportunity to become an official tyre supplier in F1 last year.

Ways to improve the visual spectacle of F1 is also up for discussion, with the main points including bringing back sparks and vapour trails - both popular and iconic features of Formula One in past decades.