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Rosberg keen to avoid Prost/Senna ending

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Nico Rosberg says he is humbled by comparisons between his rivalry with Lewis Hamilton and that of Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna but is determined to avoid it ending in the same way.

Since it became clear Mercedes were a step ahead of the rest at the start of the season the comparisons started, with Rosberg's more methodical approach often putting him in the role of Prost. After the title fight gained a new edge in Monaco it seemed the pair could be going down the same route as Prost and Senna, who fell out while fighting for the title at McLaren in 1989.

Despite enjoying the comparison Rosberg insists he is only keen to replicate the "positive side" of the rivalry.

"I don't know, of course I've heard you do those comparisons and I'm honoured by those comparisons," Rosberg said what he felt about the link being made. "The positive side of those comparisons though, not the negative side of those comparisons, it was also a fantastic battle of two great drivers and if you compare us to them that's something I can be proud of.

"Then again I go my own way and I don't read too much into too much comparisons even though of course I respect them."

The week at Monaco began with Hamilton saying he is "hungrier" than Rosberg because he was brought up in a council house in Stevanage rather than in Monaco. But Rosberg says he has no problem with what Hamilton said and feels too much was made of it from the media.

"He said in the press conference that it's been turned around, saying that he thinks he has the most passion, or whatever, from his childhood," Rosberg said. "He didn't talk so much about me he just was mentioning himself and that's what he said in the press conference."

When asked how Mercedes would deal with the most recent "clash" between the two, Rosberg seemed irritated by the suggestion of a feud.

"What clash? As we've seen the team encourages rivalry and it's going to be exciting hopefully on track. This weekend I managed to turn it the other way and in Barcelona it was very close with a great battle and I'm sure there will be many other races.

"If we can contribute to that and I can contribute to that then I'm very happy because I want Formula One to be the best sport in the world."

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