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No agreement on FRIC ahead of German GP

ESPN Staff
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Formula One teams are not expected to come to an agreement over the use of FRIC (Front and Rear Interconnected) suspension systems ahead of the German Grand Prix, raising the prospect of protests against any team that opts to run it this weekend.

Following the British Grand Prix, F1 technical delegate Charlie Whiting wrote to the teams saying the FIA is "firmly of the view that the legality of all such systems could be called into question" but that it would permit the use of FRIC suspension if all the teams agreed to allow it. However, on Wednesday an FIA spokesman confirmed to ESPN that no such agreement is in place ahead of this weekend's race, meaning any team running the system runs the risk of a protest from its rivals.

"We have not yet got, nor do we expect to get, the agreement of all teams to the proposed amnesty," he said.

Different teams have developed the technology to different degrees, meaning some are likely to gain more than others from a ban. If a car is protested against, the team will be reported to the stewards of the meeting, who could exclude it if they believe it contravenes the rules.

FRIC systems link the front and rear suspension to help control the pitch of the car under braking in order to maintain its ride height and gain an aerodynamic advantage. In the technical directive sent by Whiting, he warned that he believed such systems could be in breach of Article 3.15 of the F1 Technical Regulations, which outlaws moveable aerodynamic devices.