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Moveable rear wing idea could be ditched

ESPNF1 Staff
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Adjustable rear wings are supposed to be on the grid next year © Getty Images

Plans for adjustable rear wings next year are not set in stone, according to Formula One Teams' Association (FOTA) chairman Martin Whitmarsh.

The idea, that gives chasing drivers the ability to reduce drag and therefore make overtaking easier, was championed by FOTA and recently rubber-stamped by the FIA. But there has been some opposition since the announcement; primarily by those who think it is an unnecessary and artificial ploy, and also those who are concerned about safety.

"We will see whether people are convinced by it or not," said Whitmarsh.

He admitted the moveable rear wing was developed due to "fan-based pressure" to improve the spectacle of overtaking, but said it is not certain the innovation will actually debut.

"I think we have got to do a little bit more work on deployment and the sporting regulations that accompany it, and if we get that right we'll give it a go," said Whitmarsh. "If detracts or isn't right, it's easy to take it off. But let's have a look at it; it's a bit of an experiment."