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McLaren duo dismiss Hill's tortoise and hare comparison

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Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button laughed off Hill's comments © Getty Images

McLaren team-mates Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton have shrugged off Damon Hill's comments comparing them to the tortoise and the hare in Aesop's fable.

"They have totally different approaches," the 1996 world champion told the Mirror. "One is Senna-esque and the other a Prost-like driver. So it's the tortoise [Button] and the hare [Hamilton]."

When asked how he felt about being compared to a tortoise, albeit one that eventually wins the race, Button said he thought the analogy was flawed.

"They are his words and not mine," he said at a press conference at the Great Ormond Street Hospital. "I won the world championship last year because I was quick, and I won six races and was always there fighting. For me that is key to the championship. It is not always about just consistency. You need to be fighting at the front and you need to be challenging for victories all the time. That is exactly where I want to be."

When Hill's comparison was posed to Hamilton, he said: "I don't really have a reaction to it," before launching into a response.

"I think it is always very interesting to hear past world champions talk about present drivers and present world champions, and to hear their thoughts," he added. "It is then interesting to see whether it plays out and whether it is true or false - and whether they actually know what they are talking about or not. You will find out later in the year I guess."

The pair also laughed off suggestions that tensions were growing between them, with Button insisting that they work together to get the best results for the team.

"You have friends in Formula One," Button said. "We are friends with a lot of the drivers we racing against as well. We are in the same team and at the end of the season you want to be the best, not just in your team but on the grid. We are both very competitive and we both want to win. But as we keep saying, first of all you've got to work together, you've got to work closely to improve the car and I think we've done a very good job this year of pushing each other very hard, not just on the circuit but also off the circuit in developing the car and the set-up.

"So for me it is a good relationship and I am sure it is going to continue. If you are both quick you are going to be racing wheel to wheel. We've had a bit of fun over the last few races but not as much fun as maybe other teams have."

Hamilton added that his approach to the British Grand Prix this weekend would not be any different just because it was his home race.

"I think the important thing to remember is that the championship is not going to be won this weekend, the rest of the season is still to come," he said. "It's just another race. I don't think it will be necessary to do anything silly on the last lap."

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