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Villeneuve annoyed that team plans were leaked

ESPNF1 Staff
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Jacques Villeneuve has submitted his team entry to the FIA © Sutton Images

Jacques Villeneuve says he is annoyed that information about his plans to enter a Formula One team for the 2011 season were leaked to the press.

The 1997 world champion submitted an application to the FIA to enter his team for next season in collaboration with the Italian former GP2 outfit Durango.

The only other contenders for the grid space are believed to be Stefan GP and Epsilon Euskadi, but Villeneuve is frustrated that they have escaped similar exposure.

"I have no idea who or what we are fighting against," Villeneuve told Germany's Auto Bild. "Everything was kept quiet and we were happy with it that way. But someone who is not even part of the project decided to talk about it. That's pretty annoying. I can't really say anything, because we don't have all the facts yet."

Villeneuve also expressed his concerns that his efforts to establish his new team in 2011 could be scuppered by the FIA after the USF1 project suffered a similar fate.

"We are working very hard without knowing actually what will happen," Villeneuve told La Presse whilst competing at the weekend's NASCAR event at Watkins Glen. "It is possible that our project is the best, but it is also possible that we will be rejected.

"I have always been well with Jean Todt and I cannot imagine that the FIA's decision could be influenced by an old rivalry. Anyway, Jean Todt is not going to be alone in this decision, I'm sure."