• December 15 down the years

Regazzoni killed in car crash

What happened on December 15 in Formula one history?
Ex-Ferrari driver Clay Regazzoni © Sutton Images
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Clay Regazzoni was killed in a car crash, near Parma in Italy, when his vehicle hit the rear of a truck. He was 67. He enjoyed a long career in F1 from 1970 until he was paralyzed from the waist down in an accident during the 1980 US West Grand Prix. Although his disability put an end to his F1 career, it didn't stop him racing. He competed in many high-profile events including the Paris-Dakar Rally and the Sebring 12 hours using a car with hand controls.

Spa's Grand Prix fell victim to the issue of tobacco advertising which haunted the sport around this time. It had been hoped the Belgian government would delay introducing new anti-tobacco advertising laws, but they were voted through by a narrow margin. "Losing Spa is a great pity," Bernie Ecclestone said. "It's one of the two races, along with Monaco, that everybody wanted to win."

Marco Andretti made F1 history when he became the first third generation F1 driver. Marco is the son of Michael Andretti and the grandson of 1978 world champion Mario Andretti .

Minor American driver Walt Ader was born in New Jersey. He competed in one Indianapolis Grand Prix in 1950, finishing 22nd.