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Regulation tweaks won't stop Red Bull - Newey

ESPNF1 Staff
November 24, 2010 « Kobayashi aiming for 'zero mistakes' in 2011 | »
Adrian Newey: "The unfortunate thing about the changes coming in next year is that they are all restrictions" © Getty Images
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Adrian Newey is confident Red Bull's championship-winning form will continue into 2011 despite a number of regulation tweaks.

Newey won his seventh constructors' title with Red Bull this year, but a ban on double diffusers, F-ducts and a switch from Bridgestone to Pirelli tyres has created a blank sheet of paper for car design in 2011.

When asked if the regulation changes were bad news for a team that has a championship-winning formula, Newey said: "Not necessarily. The unfortunate thing about the changes coming in next year is that they are all restrictions. So, the double diffuser is banned, which once we've all got it, banning it removes an area of freedom."

One thing that Newey was glad to see the back of at the end of this season was the debate over flexible front wings, which saw the RB6 come under intense scrutiny after the Hungarian Grand Prix. He denied that the constant sniping from other teams had put Red Bull off its stride, but admitted it had been annoying.

"It wasn't a distraction, but it was an annoyance," Newey said. "I've got to say I've never known a season quite like this one for the petty finger pointing that's gone on in the paddock. It's a shame, but the bottom line is that what we've done with the front wing has been endlessly investigated by the press and the FIA. The FIA quite rightly have to look at it, as they have to take these things seriously - and what we've done is completely legal."

But he said his motivation for designing cars had not been dented by the season-long battle.

"The motivations are there because I enjoy my job," Newey added. "The ambition when I joined Red Bull was initially to get the team to a point where it could take race wins; the dream was winning the constructors' championship. Achieving that goal is very special - but it doesn't change my day-to-day outlook. I enjoy working for Red Bull, it's a good team to work for, we have a good atmosphere and I enjoy the design aspect of being involved. So, so long as I'm enjoying it, I'll keep doing it."