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Drivers seek wet tyre amendments

ESPNF1 Staff
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Drivers believe the current wet tyres don't offer enough grip © Sutton Images
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The Grand Prix Drivers' Association (GPDA) met in Barcelona this week to discuss concerns that have arisen during testing, with Pirelli's wet tyres highlighted as an issue.

The drivers have been quick to criticise the new Pirelli slicks, saying that the rate of degradation is too high. The concerns they voiced this week, however, refer to the wet tyre, with Felipe Massa claiming that the current offering could lead to the weather cancelling races.

"Most drivers agree that we have to improve the grip" Massa told El Mundo. "Because if we have a grand prix like last year in Korea, it would be difficult to do the race."

Another area discussed was the adjustable rear wing. Drivers have admitted they are worried about the closing speeds that could arise, fearing a repeat of Mark Webber's collision with Heikki Kovalainen in Valencia last season.

Any amendments to the rear wing regulations have yet to be agreed upon, however, with Turun Sanomat reporting that Ferrari is not happy with proposals to only activate the system in races.

"We see a chance to do something now so that we don't just talk about [an incident] after it has happened," Kovalainen said.

Former head of the GPDA Nick Heidfeld feels that the organisation needs to be allowed to have more of an influence on changes. Heidfeld has since been replaced by Rubens Barrichello, and they share the view that the FIA and Bernie Ecclestone have more power than the drivers themselves.

"Unfortunately, we don't always have the most powerful lobby," Heidfeld said. "If the FIA and Bernie have some ideas to improve the show, they can usually push them through."