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Pole position is irrelevant claim drivers

ESPNF1 Staff
May 25, 2011 « New tyres only worked for Red Bull and McLaren - Massa | »
Is it all about the tyres? © Sutton Images
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Two Formula One veterans - Jarno Trulli and Rubens Barrichello - have said the scrap for pole position has lost its importance because of the changes to tyres in 2011.

Earlier this month, Trulli said the strategy chaos caused by the Pirelli tyre situation has meant "the death of qualifying" and he confirmed his belief in the aftermath of the Spanish Grand Prix.

"Now I can confirm it," he wrote in his latest column for La Repubblica. "The drivers are focusing more on saving a set of tyres than doing the fastest lap, and in the race the reason becomes clear. Who has more tyres, wins."

Barrichello agreed that the situation, with the Pirelli tyres degrading heavily and a big gap in performance between the compounds, is causing teams to radically re-think the importance of qualifying.

"Some big teams will be thinking seriously about using only hard tyres in qualifying, dropping to 16th or 17th, and having three sets of new soft tyres for the race," he said. "Depending on the track, that could be the best way."