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Drivers won't gang up on Hamilton - Barrichello

ESPNF1 Staff
October 6, 2011 « Alonso relishing tight battle for second place | I can offer more than Raikkonen - Barrichello »
Rubens Barrichello has said the GPDA will not discuss Lewis Hamilton specifically in Suzuka, despite his clash with Felipe Massa in Singapore © Sutton Images

Chairman of the Grand Prix Drivers' Association (GPDA), Rubens Barrichello, has denied reports that Formula One drivers will meet at this weekend's Japanese Grand Prix to discuss Lewis Hamilton's on-track conduct.

Hamilton has felt the wrath of the stewards more than any other driver this season, and received his fifth drive-through penalty (or post-race equivalent) at the Singapore Grand Prix for a collision with Felipe Massa. Following the incident it was rumoured the drivers would meet to discuss Hamilton's driving when they arrived at Suzuka, but on Thursday Barrichello said that was not on the agenda.

"I don't think that's happening," he was quoted by the Press Association. "I think someone has made that up. During the briefings we talk about everything, and then with the GPDA we get together and talk a bit further.

"For example, a lot was said about what [Michael] Schumacher did to Lewis at Monza, that it was unfair, but then it got to the briefing and nobody actually said anything. There's too much talking and not enough action, so I don't think there will be anything regarding Lewis."

Barrichello also thinks Hamilton has been punished more than most this year because he has had to fight from lower grid positions and is often at the centre of TV coverage.

"Formula One has more overtaking nowadays, but in reality DRS has made some cars quicker in qualifying, but not as quick in racing," Barrichello added. "That makes the grid and you have more overtaking from this. He [Hamilton] has been caught more there, but then he has been the one who has done more overtaking than some of the others.

"I'm not saying everything is okay, but as far as I'm concerned it would be too unfair to pinpoint this or that. If the camera was looking at 13th and 14th, for example, it would amaze you what is happening there. Sometimes we get to the briefing and say to Charlie [Whiting, race director] 'I tried to overtake this guy but he just blocked me', but he didn't see it. It's just because he is on TV, and he is a guy who can get to the top and win a race."