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FOTA existence is 'vital' - Mercedes

ESPNF1 Staff
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Norbert Haug believes the bigger teams need to ensure the continuation of FOTA © Sutton Images

Mercedes' head of motorsport Norbert Haug has called the existence of the Formula One Teams Association (FOTA) "vital" after Red Bull and Ferrari withdrew.

Red Bull and Ferrari announced their departures from the association on Friday, with disagreements over the Resource Restriction Agreement (RRA) central to the decision. Despite Bernie Ecclestone saying that the teams will not be able to agree on such a topic, Haug says that FOTA's aims are as relevant as ever and that the bigger teams need to ensure it continues to function.

"I think it is absolutely vital that FOTA is existing," Haug said. "The aims that we are having, the targets, are very important and I think it is up to the so-called top teams to really balance it out."

Mercedes CEO Nick Fry also said that he felt Ferrari specifically wanted to continue looking for ways to implement the RRA despite its withdrawal.

"It's obviously quite a difficult time at the moment and clearly we, Mercedes AMG, are very supportive of cost control in F1," Fry said. "It's a difficult thing to achieve when everyone is so competitive but we certainly will work with others to try and fulfil the aim of an RRA.

"I think even though Ferrari have withdrawn at the moment they also are intent on finding a solution to this. We've certainly hit a bump in the road but I believe that work will continue in the background to try and resolve this and we will do whatever we can to support that."