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Pirelli to be 'more aggressive'

ESPNF1 Staff
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Pirelli used the yellow-marked soft tyre compound at every race in 2011 © Sutton Images
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Paul Hembery has revealed that Pirelli will be "more aggressive" in 2012 because it helped the teams by always using a soft compound at each race last season.

Despite Sebastian Vettel dominating the championship in 2011, the season actually saw some of the most exciting racing as Pirelli's rapidly degrading tyres led to strategic challenges and facilitated overtaking. Speaking exclusively to ESPNF1 Hembery said that the supplier had actually used a constant compound throughout the year to help the teams, and that it wouldn't do the same in 2012.

"Well we made it a little bit easier for the teams by using a particular soft compound all through the season, so they always had a central product which allowed them to optimise either the chassis set-up or the driving style," Hembery said. "Another year we won't do that. We'll be mixing the compounds a lot more, the compounds will be more aggressive, performances will be more aggressive."

Hembery also said that Pirelli had finalised the tyres for 2012, but was fully prepared to alter them in order to supply the best possible compounds to improve the show this season.

"We've got the winter test sessions and we're producing tyres already for Melbourne and Malaysia so we'll wait and see those two races, providing there's no big surprises during winter testing. If we're in line with our expectations then great, if not then we've always got a few things ready to apply if we need to. So we try to keep a number of options open to us either being more aggressive or being more conservative if required, but it is something that we understand we might have to move and change. It's not just a fixed point and we just say 'Well our job's done, just get on with it'.

"We know that we can also have an impact on the racing and it's up to us to make sure that we're still challenging the teams. I think Martin Whitmarsh came out and was quite clear, he said 'We want Pirelli to keep challenging us'. Maybe his engineers might not agree with that! But the team principals have to look after the full package of what they're doing in Formula One and they know that if we can make the racing more interesting from our part then they obviously will do their bit elsewhere on the car and we're all obviously working in the same direction; all of us want to make exciting racing."