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McLaren not expecting issue with wing flexibility

ESPN Staff
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McLaren believes its front wing is compliant with the regulations © Sutton Images
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McLaren is not expecting the FIA to find any issues with the flexibility of its front wing at this weekend's Japanese Grand Prix, after a report in Auto Motor und Sport said Ferrari had made a complaint to the governing body.

The report said McLaren and Red Bull had discovered a way to gain an aerodynamic advantage by designing the entire front wing to flex at high speeds. However, Whitmarsh said he does not foresee any issues for his team.

"I don't envisage any particular problems for McLaren in that regard in the near term and consequently I don't think it is anything that will harm us," he told the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes phone-in. "Also I'm not aware of anything with Red Bull.

"I think the FIA technical department have to remain vigilant and be testing front wings, rear wings and attachment systems all the time, and making sure they comply with the testing requirements of the regulations but also that the teams don't find other ingenious or creative ways to circumvent the intention. I think from time to time many teams get spoken to by the FIA and are expected to correct a situation. We're not in such a situation ourselves and I am not aware and do not think it will be an issue that will affect the championship."

He said teams often raise concerns about the flexibility of other car's wings, but is not aware of any complaints at the moment.

"There have been no specific conversations to my knowledge, but that doesn't mean they haven't happened, but probably not. I think the regulations require the wings to be rigid, of course no wing or aerodynamic surface is infinitely rigid. From time to time pressures and issues arise between teams who feel that other teams are too flexible, or whatever."