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Kubica admits he misses F1

ESPN Staff
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Robert Kubica: 'You cannot get out of life everything you want.' © Sutton Images

Robert Kubica has admitted there is no chance of him returning to Formula One in the immediate future and spoken of how much he misses the sport.

"I find it difficult to watch F1 races," he told the Daily Express. "I miss racing, that is the biggest problem. After the race, when I am at home, I think I am living a boring and monotonous life. When I am driving, thanks to concentrating, the limitations are not really affecting me a lot. I am grateful for what I have.

"You cannot get out of life everything you want. When I am driving race cars it is for sure much better than it was six months ago and it is very close to what I was doing before the accident. So it is very good.

"If I can move my arm again [freely], there is a chance that I will return. But until that happens, we'll have to see. There's no chance of me coming back to Formula One soon."

It would be very simple for me to come back if I was able to operate the steering wheel properly and for that 80% of flexibility would be enough

He said that the extent of the injuries he suffered in his crash in 2011 were mended enough to allow him to compete in many forms of motorsport but not Formula One. "The strength, the power in the arm is not as good as it was, but if this was the only problem then two months of treatment and that would be gone. Unfortunately, there are bigger problems which you need to concentrate on solving than the power.

"I have limited functionality of the hand and the fingers but this is something I am convinced will come back slowly because the nerves need a lot of time.

"There has been slow progress this year. That is life. I will not gain anything by being frustrated. It is very simple. There is no other option than to keep pushing, keep working."