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'Something missing' from F14 T - Alonso

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Fernando Alonso feels Ferrari are a good day away from realising their full potential © Getty Images

Fernando Alonso admits he does not yet feel 100% ready for the opening race of the season, but is convinced his pre-season mileage will set him in good stead in Melbourne.

Ferrari is somewhat of an unknown quantity so far, but they have consistently shown the ability to put together long stints, which Alonso managed to do on Friday with 122 laps. Despite this Alonso feels his final day of testing on Sunday, and the two remaining for the team, will be crucial to fully unlock the potential of the F14 T.

"It could be better, but we have two more days available where we need to exploit the potential of the day," Alonso said. "We must have a smooth test [on Saturday and Sunday] to go 100% to Australia as now we are still missing something. Not many people will say 'we are ready' with five days of testing. If you go to the World Cup in football and they changed the ball, and they changed the size of the court, and they gave you five days to use that ball, you would want to have more days and more experience."

Alonso is taking comfort from the fact he has completed 446 laps in pre-season, which is a stark contrast to the likes of Sebastian Vettel and the Lotus drivers.

"If I see the number of laps I did in the five days it's probably more than any other driver. I think I am in a good position in terms of experience and in terms of laps in a Ferrari car which has been quite fast so far."

Alonso also admits he has no idea what the pecking order will be in two weeks' time.

"I am curious to see where everyone sits at the moment but we have no idea. At the moment we don't have much to compare as we have had other things going on in our garage. We are curious, curiosity is always there. It is difficult to judge. It could be better [for Ferrari] in terms of reliability, there have been maybe too many problems sometimes in the day. Even if you do a lot of laps sometimes you have issues. We need these last two days, tomorrow with Kimi and Sunday with me, we need a smooth test and to exploit the performance in the car."

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