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'The real show starts now' - Alonso

ESPNF1 Staff
May 3, 2010 « Ferrari runs F-duct tests ahead of Spanish Grand Prix | »
Fernando Alonso: 'This is just the beginning … and I have a real chance to fight for the world championship' © Sutton Images

Fernando Alonso has said Ferrari's season really starts in Spain at next weekend's grand prix and that will also mark the start of his championship challenge.

He said the early races were atypical - "there is changing weather, different conditions and not much stability" - and now the season had switched to Europe it was "the real time to show who can fight for the title - and who can't".

"So, now we arrive at the moment of truth. Now is the time to show who is ready for the title battle and which teams can develop their cars and performances faster than their rivals. It is the start of a nice fight, for sure!"

"I think that with all the potential that we have, with the super team that I have, this is just the beginning … and I have a real chance to fight for the world championship.

"That's something I couldn't even think about last year, after four races, but this time it is so different for me. I am enjoying it all again. I have felt that special bug from winning a race, or winning a title, and that for me is the most positive thing about the start this year."

He is also less worried about the car itself. "It's fine. For one reason or another we haven't managed to score as many points as we wanted, but I think we are going to have a good car again in Barcelona. I'm not worried. As for the engines, we have found the problems that we had. I know there have been things written … but as usual they were not accurate, or true.

"We have been quiet because we have found the problems and we'll try to do the rest of the season with an engine that's 100% reliable. Then we will see if we can win the races and the championship."