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Red Bull forced to change camera slot

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Red Bull have had to change the design of the front camera pods on its RB10 from this weekend's Monaco Grand Prix onwards following clarification from the FIA.

Since the opening race of the season Red Bull has run the mandatory front-facing camera inside the nose of the car, rather than externally as all the other teams do. Red Bull argued the rules do not state that cameras have to be positioned on the outside of the car.

Positioning the camera inside the nose delivered a small aerodynamic benefit as it caused less interference with the airflow, and initially the team was allowed to stick with its interpretation for the first five races.

A small tweak was necessary in Spain, with the camera jutting out of the nose slightly so the camera lens could be in view, before the FIA stepped in ahead of the race at Monaco. The FIA cites Article 20.3.4 of its technical regulations, which states that cameras must lie within a box formed by "two vertical lines 150mm and 450mm forward of the front wheel centre line and two horizontal lines 325mm and 525mm above the reference plane."

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