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Raikkonen says his F14 T issues have been overblown

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Kimi Raikkonen says the media's reports of why he has struggled on his return to Ferrari have been misleading, suggesting instead the car is just not quick enough for him to be competitive.

There were high expectations coming into the season's about Raikkonen's partnership with Fernando Alonso, but so far the Finn has struggled to match his team-mate and has seemed off his best behind the wheel of the F14 T. The brake-by-wire system and adapting his driving style to the new cars have been reported as areas Raikkonen has struggled with but he says the issue is Ferrari's pace.

"The things that you people say are not always the true things," Raikkonen said when asked about his issues with the car. "We have issues and we are not as fast as we want to be. We should be winning races and we are not so there are things we need to fix, many small things, and once we fix those we will be where we want to be. But it's not going to happen in a few weeks. Even if you win races and win championships you are still not happy, there are always things you can fix."

When asked whether he believes a race win is possible in 2014, Raikkonen responded in the manner he has become famous for.

"I don't know. I have no interest in starting to guess."

Raikkonen believes Ferrari has been making clear strides forward and thinks that should start to translate to success on race days.

"Hopefully things can only get better. Obviously we are going in the right direction but the result hasn't shown, but we know what we are doing. Step by step we are going to improve.

"It's very hard for anybody to challenge [Mercedes] for the championship. I might be wrong but usually that's how it goes, though we've seen in the past how it can change. We are getting better all the time and we do the best we can every race, then maybe start to win races and podiums."

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