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Fiat boss rebukes Montezemolo for Monza statement

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Fiat boss Sergio Marchionne has criticised Luca di Montezemolo for the statement he made at the Italian Grand Prix saying he would be the only one to decide when he will leave Ferrari.

Rumours started circulating from the beginning of the Italian Grand Prix weekend that Montezemolo, 67, would be announcing his retirement, but the Ferrari president used his Saturday appearance at Monza to play down the reports. Montezemolo said he intends to see out a minimum of the next three years at Ferrari and added "I will be the first - and I emphasise the first" to announce when he does leave.

But Marchionne, chief executive of Ferrari's parent company Fiat, has responded to this negatively, saying Montezemolo will leave when the company decides it is his time.

"We are good friends but his statements, these are things I wouldn't have said myself," Marchionne said. "On volume and economic results Luca has done an outstanding job. I [also] consider myself essential, of course. But I also know very well that I am at the service of this company. So to create positions, illusions that one can operate outside the rules, is talking rubbish.

"It's the same for him as it is for me; we serve the company. When the company has a change of plan, or if there is no longer a convergence of ideas, things change."

Marchionne added: "Nobody is indispensable."

After the race Fernando Alonso said Ferrari was failing to live up to the tifosi's expectations after leaving Monza with just two points. Marchionne also considers Ferrari's current performance unacceptable, with the team's last constructors' championship coming in 2008.

"The heart of Ferrari is winning in F1. I don't want to see our drivers in 7th and 12th place. To see the Reds in this state, having the best drivers, exceptional facilities, engineers who are really good, to see all that and then to consider that we have not won since 2008.

"The important thing for Ferrari is not just the financial results, but also it is winning and we have been struggling for six years."

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