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Ferrari will not appeal fine

ESPNF1 Staff
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Stefano Domenicali will not appeal the stewards' decision © Getty Images

Ferrari will not appeal the $100,000 fine it received for using team orders at the German Grand Prix, and is confident the FIA will not punish it further when the matter is put before the World Motor Sport Council.

Felipe Massa gave way to Fernando Alonso shortly after he was told his team-mate was quicker, and in doing so handed victory to the Spaniard. Ferrari protested its innocence after the event, but despite being allowed to appeal the decision it has decided not to.

"As for the Stewards' decision, given after the race, in the interests of the sport, we have decided not to go through a procedure of appealing against it, confident that the World Council will know how to evaluate the overall facts correctly," said team boss Stefano Domenicali.

With just three days now until the F1 circus re-congregates in Hungary, the other story to emerge is that Massa might now be considered Alonso's No. 2. When asked specifically about playing a longer-term subordinate role to the Alonso, Massa said on Sunday: "Well, I cannot say that I'm there fighting for first position in the championship."

He also denied that his decision to give way to Alonso will damage his reputation.

"For sure not, for sure not," said Massa. "I'm very professional and I've shown in my career how professional I am. You [reporters] are professional as well, you work for a company. I believe you are doing what you have to do, so I'm professional and today I showed how professional I am. That's it."