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Alonso struggling to switch off

ESPNF1 Staff
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Fernando Alonso will have itchy feet while on holiday © Getty Images

Fernando Alonso has admitted he will find it tough to switch off during Ferrari's two-week shutdown.

The Formula One season has gone into summer hibernation and it is a frustrating time for Alonso who has surged into contention in the title race. The Ferrari driver has one eye on the next race at Spa and it will be a frustrating holiday for Alonso.

"It won't be possible to switch off my mind completely over these two weeks," Alonso told Ferrari's website. "I will try and relax and do a bit of sport, but at least once a day, maybe just for 10 minutes, I will inevitably think about the next race in Belgium. I think it will be the same for everyone and the timing of the break, does not make any difference.

"After a few unlucky races, which went badly for various reasons, we are now on the right road. The car is much improved and so that makes me more optimistic and has seen the whole team grow in confidence.

"In Spa, we will have a few more things and we hope they help us progress still more: the others will do the same, which means we will have to be better than them and quicker in terms of development work.

"It only took us two normal races to be fully back in contention for the title. It's true we are still behind in the classification and it is always better to be in front, but I am convinced that in the final sprint, by which I mean the last two or three races, we will be closer to the top than we are now. The important thing is to remain calm and concentrated and to do our job well."

Mark Webber leads the title race, with his team-mate Sebastian Vettel 10 points adrift in third, but Alonso has hinted the Red Bull pair may start to feel the pressure in the final weeks of the season.

Alonso said: "It's hard to say who is my strongest rival - we are all almost equal. Maybe, Hamilton, Button and myself, who have already won a title, will tackle the final rush in a calmer way, having already experienced something similar. Percentage chance? I'd say 50%, which is the normal state of affairs."