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Rule changes will help us catch Red Bull - Alonso

ESPNF1 Staff
December 19, 2010 « Petrov to reveal plans on Wednesday | »
Fernando Alonso is confident of catching Red Bull © Getty Images
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Fernando Alonso believes that next year's rule changes could allow Ferrari to end Red Bull's dominance of the sport.

The 2011 season will see the arrival of moveable wings and the return of Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems, with the aim being to increase the number of overtaking opportunities.

Alonso is confident that the changes will prove a success. "Obviously every year normally Formula 1 changes rules to make it more spectacular, to have more overtaking manoeuvres and to have a better show," he said.

"It's true that in 2011 there are two big changes to the regulations, which is the KERS and the rear wing that we can move when we have an overtaking possibility. I think these two combined give us a speed advantage that is quite big compared to the car in front.

"So I'm confident that next year, finally, the rules will help overtaking and we will have a better show for everybody."